Lightning Safety Tips – Compliments of the
Lightning Protection Institute


Practice the “Flash/Bang” method for measuring lightning distance (time from seeing the strike to hearing thunder). For every slow count of five, lightning is one mile away–a count of ten=2 miles away, etc. At a count of five, take immediate defensive action. Seek safety in a protected shelter. If you feel a tingling sensation, or your hair stands on end, lightning may be about to strike! Immediately assume the “Lightning Safety Position” by crouching down and covering your ears – do not lie down or place your hands on the ground.



Seek lower elevation areas.
Never use a tree for shelter!
Immediately get out and away from pools, lakes and other bodies of water.
Avoid solitary trees, open areas, hilltops and wet areas.
Stay away from all metallic objects (fences, power lines, poles, etc.)
Do not raise umbrellas or golf clubs above you.


The safest place to be in a storm is in a building that is protected by
a professionally installed Lightning Protection System.
Stand clear from windows, doors and electrical appliances.

Unplug appliances well before the storm–never during.
Avoid contact with piping including sinks, baths and faucets.
Do not use the telephone, except for emergencies.

Lightning Protection offers Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

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A boy was struck by lightning while fishing in the ocean in waist deep water during June 2015 in Daytona Beach Shores, FL. There were no storms in the area, just in the distance. We are glad he is recovering and also use this as a chance to warn the public to be safe when outside during thunder. Go inside until the thunder is no longer heard. The thunderstorms here are many but usually fast moving. Storm clouds turn back to sunny skies quickly in Florida. 



Lightning has been feared and respected since the caveman times!

All cultures have a myth or superior being that is connected to lightning. 

Greek mythology has the use of lightning by Zeus as a weapon.

Scandinavian mythology speaks of the Thunder God Thor who used lightning bolts on his enemies.

Hindu religion has Indra the God of Heaven, Lightning, Rain and Thunder.

African tribesmen have the bird-God Umpundulo.

Navajo Indians use lightning in their healing rituals.

Lightning Protection Systems are 99% effective in preventing your

property and possessions from being fried in a storm.

Keep the weather forecast in mind whenever you are planning an outside event.

Thunder is the sound that lightning makes - if you hear thunder - lightning is close enough to strike.  In fact it can strike up to 2 miles ahead of the storm.





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