​​​​​​​​​​​Do I Need a
Lightning Protection System?


To protect the investment in your facility and to protect the people who occupy your building from the damage of a lightning strike, reduce your liability factor and prevent injury. Protect your family, pets, and property. Have "Peace of Mind" and enjoy the next thunderstorm instead of fearing it.

If you are in the line of a strike - it is too late. This is an alarm system for your home in a different light - no bells and whistles just the satisfaction of knowing that if your home is in the line of the strike - you will be safe. Installation of lightning protection systems minimizes static electricity in the air during storms and gives you and your family peace of mind.

Your pets' hair stands on end as the static electricity builds. This is what lets them know before we do that a storm is coming, prompting a run under the bed! Installation of a lightning protection system diminishes electricity in the air making pets calmer and more at ease during a storm.

 Will a Lightning Protection System
 Attract Lightning?


 Installation of lightning protection of buildings is to provide a direct path to ground should the building take a strike. Lightning is the only natural phenomenon that cannot be detected where it will strike. If your structure receives the strike of a bolt of lightning it happens in 1/5000th of a second! The path a strike takes is over before you are even aware of it. The strike does not always depend on the height and size of the structure or of the composition - metal, brick or wood, or water lines that draw electricity to them. Lightning is looking for a strike zone - be safe within a fully secure building against one of Mother Nature's most unpredictable sides!

We Are Listed With:      UL (Underwriters Laboratory)

Per Code UL 96A  


Certified By:          LPI  (Lightning Protection Institute)

Master Installer/Designer Certified
Per Code 175

Follow Codes: NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

Per Code 780


Lightning is the third greatest storm-related killer

in the United States and causes nearly

$1 billion  in damages each year.


The National Weather Service says
"When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!"

Thunder is the noise Lightning Makes - If you hear thunder, lightning is already in the air and can strike up to 2 miles ahead of the storm. Don't wait until the storm is overhead to seek shelter. Go inside when you first hear thunder and play it safe!

Seek shelter immediately in a substantial building or a hard-topped metal vehicle!

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The complete ("Benjamin") Franklin Lightning Protection System consists of air terminals (rods) clamped to copper or aluminum wiring ("Faraday Cage") over the structure which lead to 10'-30' copper ground rods driven into the ground. Lightning occurs when the dry air between the cloud and the ground is moistened by rain or high humidity. During a thunderstorm, negative charges of electrical energy build up in the lower part of clouds hovering close to earth. Conversely, positive charges develop in the ground, directly underneath the cloud. Lightning bolts are channels of negative energy, called stepped leaders that zigzag toward the earth in approx. 150 feet bolts.
This all occurs in about 1/5000 of a second!!

In a lightning protection system, the positive ground charge is coursed upward through the conducting cables attached to the structure. When the negative downward strike from the lightning bolt is about 150 feet above the top of the structure, the positive ground charge leaps upward to meet the lightning bolt (striking distance). The two opposite charges are neutralized, emptying the negative charges from the cloud and dissipating the ground charge. The discharge has now been completed and the negative cloud charge and the positive ground charge becomes zero.

Surge Protection Devices should be included at each utility entrance to stop the lightning from entering through the electric lines, gas lines, land line telephone lines and cable/internet lines.

The system is designed and installed as a maintenance free structure, never having to be replaced in its' lifetime. The only maintenance would be if you have a roof replaced and then it can be removed and replaced when your roof is complete. A lightning protection system provides a proven solution to the destructive force of nature. Underwriters Laboratories has stated that a properly installed system is 

99% effective!

A full one year warranty is given on all parts and material.

Favale Lightning Protection, Inc. has experience designing systems
for residences, churches, manufacturing facilities, military bases, schools, fire and police departments, airports and over 1500 residences in Florida. Our projects include U.S. Sugar, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Joe's Crab Shack, Teledyne, Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum, Daytona Beach International Airport, Warner Robbins Air Force Base, GA. and Eglin Air Force Base, Pensacola.

We install to lightning protection standards of
Underwriter Laboratories (UL 96A), Lightning Protection Institute (LPI 175)

and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 780)

We use only American Made Products from suppliers that include


and Independent Protection Company


 Quotes are made entirely from outside the home and calculated from roof layout and dimensions of the home. We strive to install a system that is designed with cable layout in the best areas possible to be hidden from the eye. For homes under construction the cable can be run inside the walls, before the drywall goes up.

We work with many custom home builders throughout Florida and welcome any questions you have.

We are UL Listed and LPI Master Installer/Designer Certified.



Favale Lightning Protection, Inc. has an on site supervisor with over 18 years of experience installing lightning protection systems and we've never had to return to a job yet! If you already have a lightning protection system and are having your roof replaced, a licensed lightning protection installer will have to remove and replace the system. On most re-roofs the same equipment is used. You own the equipment and the peace of mind for the life of your home.  

Ranking #1 in Lightning Strikes per capita, Florida is known as the
"Lightning Capital of the Northern Hemisphere"

From Daytona Beach to Tampa is known as "Lightning Alley."

Africa is the only place that receives more direct strikes from lightning than Florida.

Protect your home, business, church, horse barn

or even a special tree in your yard.

How the Lightning Protection System Works - Lightning Rods were invented by Benjamin Franklin and are still used today. The sole purpose is to provide a specified path on which lightning can travel and direct the charge safely to ground. A properly installed lightning protection system will prevent lightning damage and destruction, injury or death, as the strike quickly travels the path to ground. A Lightning Protection System does not attract lightning strikes, it merely provides a direct path to ground in case the system gets a direct hit. Properly installed it dissipates the dangerous electrical discharge to eliminate the chance of fire or explosion of non-conductive materials (wood, brick, mortar, tile, etc.). A proper lightning protection system install also includes Surge Arresters, to protect against a secondary path such as phone, cable, computer and gas lines, as well as roof projections such as weather vanes, antennas and satellite dishes. Home extras like irrigation systems, invisible fences and electric gates can provide a low resistance pathway for lightning's destructive energy. Florida Lightning can occur miles before the storm, be safe and protect what you value most!

Protect lines coming into your structure by surge arresters to ensure a total protection of your property. Electrical, cable/internet, telephone/land line, satellite dishes and well pumps are all excellent conductors for lightning. Installation of surge arresters on these lines complete the protection of your home.

If you're ready to protect your family, home, and possessions -

call us and have "Peace of Mind" next time you hear thunder.



Thunderstorms will be a daily occurence soon and with them come Mother Natures' most beautiful artwork -                              Lightning!

1/5000th of a second is a small amount of time to change the course of its destination. A lightning protection system can avert the path around the structure and send it into the ground where it is dissipated.





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UL Listed 

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Lightning Protection offers Peace of Mind

Is your child safe on the ball field?

Early detection systems can put your mind at ease.

A calm day can turn into a deadly one in 1/5000th of a second with a lightning bolt.